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Ghana Food

Typical Ghanaian Dishes
Ghana can boast of her wide range of restaurant services and food varieties. Whether you are in the city, big town or small town, one's culinary preferences can easily be satisfied by the large assortment of restaurants providing various Ghanaian (African), American, Continental (European), Chinese (Oriental) and Indian cuisine. You can savor your taste in the "hot and spicy", "sweet and sour" and "exotic" flavors including some authentic traditional Ghanaian dishes. Sophistication in restaurant services however reduces as one move away from Accra and the regional capitals to the country.

Some Typical Traditional Specialties you do not have to miss whiles in Ghana :-

This mixture of boiled cassava/plantain, cocoyam/cassava, and yam/cassava or separately on their own depending on taste and availability. The mixture is pounded into a smooth whitish or yellowish paste. It is served with soup, e.g. light soup, groundnut soup or palm-nut soup.

This preparation from roasted cornmeal. It is cooked using palm-nut soup as a basic ingredient. This is usually garnished with gravy, crabs or eggs.

A delicacy prepared from ripe plantain well seasoned with Ginger, chili, cloves and fried in hot oil to give it a peculiar mouth-watering flavor.

Banku/ Akple
Fermented corn/cassava dough mixed proportionally and cooked in hot water into a smooth whitish consistent paste. Served with soup, stew or a pepper sauce with fish.

A special preparation of cooked rice and beans with a unique flavor. It is an extremely nutritious dish served with gravy and fish or meat.

Okro Stew
Chopped okro/okra which is cooked in palm oil with onions, tomatoes and pepper into a gravy and enriched with various kinds of meat and/or fish.

Groundnut Soup
Groundnut paste is liquefied and cooked together with well-seasoned fish, meat or chicken. Gari Fortor: Prepared from gari (dry-fried grated cassava) mixed with gravy with fish and fried/boiled eggs.

Rice cooked in a preparation of beef or chicken stew.

Fermented maize meal traditionally prepared by boiling balls of mixed portions of fermented cooked maize meal and raw maize dough wrapped in cornhusk. Another type called FANTI KENKEY, which is popular in the central and western regions of Ghana, is similarly prepared but wrapped in leaves cut from the plantain/banana tree. These are able to keep for a few days to a week. Can also be taken as pulp similar to oatmeal or holicks.

A meal of either boiled yam/plantain/cocoyam/cassava or a mix of any two or all of them served with stew/gravy/kontomire or thick palm-nut soup.

Omo Tuo
This is tenderly cooked rice that is molded into balls (baseball-size) and taken with palm-nut soup or groundnut paste soup.

Palm-Nut Soup
Prepared from the pulp of pounded boiled palm fruits, which is cooked adding fish/meat and condiments into a thick broth.

Nkontomire Stew
Also referred to as Palaver Sauce is prepared from the fresh and tender leaves taken from the cocoyam plant. It is steamed and mashed and then cooked in palm oil adding fish/meat/crabs and condiments to taste. Beans Stew: This is cooked black-eyed kidney beans in gravy with fish or meat added to enhance taste and flavour. Light Soup: This is a kind of soup prepared light with vegetables and fish/meat and condiments to taste. Sometimes served as a starter to a meal. It goes well with fufu and great for those wanting to go by a light stomach. Also very got for those recuperating from illness when spiced appropriately with ginger and chili.

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